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Thread: Add more delay effect tabs

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    Add more delay effect tabs


    I am working on a speaker project using a teensy 3.6. I have been using the Audio system design tool provided by PRJ, and I was wondering if there is anyway to increase the amount of tabs for one delay effect?

    I have been looking in the teensy library at the effect_delay.h and .cpp files trying to figure out how the it works with very little progress..

    I understand the principle using a circle buffer, the main thing I am asking is if it would be possible to add more tabs to one delay block? Each block currently has 8 tabs, my goal is to double that amount and have 16 tabs for each block

    Thank you for your help!

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    You could just put two delay blocks together side-by-side and feed both with the same input. This would achieve the same thing, since the delay taps can be set to any delay time.

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    That is true, and that works just fine as you would imagine. But I am still looking to streamline this and it would b really cool to expand the delay effect.

    So I am trying to have two inputs that I can delay seperatly, then mix them together and output via a TDM bus. I want the mixing and delay to happen in a single block, as far as I can see I will have to write my own delay function.

    To add a second input will I have to use the AudioStream library? As far as I can tell by looking at the code, AudioStream is fairly crucial but I have a hard time figuring out how to manipulate it I guess.. :/

    Adding more outputs to the delay effect can't be as simple as changing a few 8's to 16's.. can it?

    I used the mixer block previously to mix my signals after they were delayed. I have not as of yet looked at the code for the mixer block but it seems trivial to implement a mixing functionality.

    So as you can see I have 3 main components to this project, add a second input channel to the delay effect, double the amount of outputs on the delay effect and add a mixer to the 2 delayed signals. If anyone has any insights on this I would love to hear from you :-)

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