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Thread: Baremetal development using Teensy 4.0

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    Baremetal development using Teensy 4.0

    Is anyone doing this? Can you share progress, links to your work, tool chain, debugger?


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    If the user code never exits loop() - that is mostly baremetal - leaving loop() calls Arduino tyoe yield() before returning to loop().

    There are just lots of libs and resources made active or linkable in an Arduino compatible way after a year or so of Paul's work.

    There will be some buffers allocated for USB and Serial UARTS - clocks are running and systick is interrupting each ms.

    If any of that is too much then edits to ResetHandler() in startup.c and related files can change or remove the init process that sets up minimal MCU function.

    Tool chain is prepped and installed with TeensyDuino.

    Hardware Debugging isn't directly supported or exposed at this time.

    Not sure if that misses the define of bare metal - but other than systick _isr and currently mandatory USB code - a loop() { while(1); } doesn't do anything except spin in place and count millis().

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    I've been working on a bare-metal example for the Teensy 4.0. You can take a look at it on github.

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