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Thread: Advice on implementing a CAN network

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    Advice on implementing a CAN network

    I'm thinking about implementing a CAN network consisting 20 senders and one receiver. The senders send sporadic, time-sensitive data that is time-independent from each other.
    For transceivers, I'd be using a SN65HVD230 breakout with this FlexCAN library.

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    I've seen that some CAN modules use a transceiver and a controller. In this case is teensy the controller?
    Is this going to work? Am I missing something I don't know about?

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    yes the controller is built into teensy hardware you just need the transceiver and you are set
    All nodes can talk at same time

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    Can confirm, it really was that simple. The example from the FlexCAN library was more complicated than it needed to be, but it seems to work fine in my application.

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    CANbus is nice because there really aren't addresses or "senders" and "receivers" as such. All nodes can transmit whenever they feel like it and all nodes can listen and/or ignore - in hardware - any messages they don't want or care about. The CAN peripheral hardware handles priority, collisions and retrys and transmission errors and all of that usual network complication.

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