I seem to have a non responsive 3.6. ( PJRC invoice # 77619)

No need to post code as the code in question works fine on another board.

The board in question blinked initially, responded to the loader, but the program never ran. The serial port never returned. ( ubuntu , arduino 1.89, TD 1.47)

I have indeed soldered pins, there are no shorts, and all joints pass continuity check.

I attached it to a windows 10 machine, ( ard 1.89, TD 1.46..." safety machine ") and *briefly* saw a serial port show up in devices, which disappeared in about a second. No repeat of this behavior.

No response to 15 second recovery, and no further enumeration as any sort of device on any coding machine, windows or linux.

The 3.3 v conversion is functional. So power is making it through the usb cable. The usb cable works with the other 3.6 running the code I attempted to flash into the questionable board.

I have tried pressing down on the chip, no avail.

There's no obvious heat while powered. Just nothing happening.

Hope there's some other spell to cast, standing by... can get chicken blood and black candles.