Was just gonna post about handle droppings and 1200 lines of code. Have created an array setup of 8 pages of 16 slider elements enabling ILI9431_t3_controls and 16 encoders to scroll thru the lot. The array covers every slider parameter and I found that altering per-slider colors triggered droppings when touch was used.

Thought to check your Git first, found and had a play with the new release so here's an edited post.

The compiler falls over with:-

error: 'class SliderV' has no member named 'changed'

From there, backed out and had a crack at the Multi-screen example and was greeted with:-

error: 'ScreenX' was not declared in this scope.

Runng on Win10, IDE 1.8.13 TD1.54B7. Pretty keen to get the new lib working so thanks in advance for guidance.