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Thread: Can a Teensy Operate as a USB Host?

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    Can a Teensy Operate as a USB Host?

    Hey there.
    I asked this question on the Sparkfun forum and was directed this way.

    I'm looking for a microcontroller that also can support interfacing with a joystick or generic USB gamepad. I tried my setup with a pi but it boots way too slow and is rather finicky and it's not really running that much code so it's a bit overkill. A microcontroller would be a lot more preferable.

    Can the Teensy do this? If so, what models? Do I need any peripherals?


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    The easiest model to do this on is the Teensy 3.6 with the dedicated pins that are the same as a standard motherboard USB header, a breakout cable would be need so you can either make one yourself or buy one. With the Teensy 4 it’s also possible with the SMD pads on the bottom but some external circuitry is recommended if you’re powering the USB joystick from the 4.0 as well, which some breakout boards have on them and the 3.6 already has on it. It’s also technically possible with the Teensy 3.2 as well through the use of USB OTG, but then you can’t connect to a computer at the same time.

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    Look through this thread for USB devices tested and working - as noted easy on T_3.6 as it ships soldering a simple cable ( available from PJC or other ) - and much of that was tested on the Teensy 4 that works the same in Host mode, using PJRC supplied breakout boards - posted on the blog is a link to that board available from OSHpark to build.

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