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Thread: Teensy 4.0 microUSB speed and CS42448 support

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    Teensy 4.0 microUSB speed and CS42448 support


    It's pretty exciting to see that Teensy 4.0 is out!

    I would want to clarify two things before ordering one:

    1. Will Paul's CS42448 TDM board work with it? Will I need to readjust the wiring or will it just properly fit on top of the CS42448 board sockets?
    2. The docs say two USB ports, both 480 Mbits/sec. Does it mean that the built-in microUSB is 480 Mbits now and I can use for the serial port at 480 Mbits without messing with the USB host library drivers?


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    Looks like something that Paul will need to maybe answer fully.

    I am not an Audio person, but as there needs to be some adjustments in order to use the main Audio adapter, my guess is there may need to be some here as well? But again I am only guessing.

    With the USB. I believe Paul is working on getting full speed from the USB devices. So far only USB Serial supported, but I suspect over the next month more and more of the USB types will be supported.

    And for the the normal USB client code (The one you connect to your Host PC to program), the USBHost_t36 is not involved with this. But as for USBHost device, we do have this working on T4, with it supporting all of the devices that were supported on T3.6.

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    @KurtE, thanks. But the microUSB (the one I connect to program) is 480 Mbits as well? And the will utilize the whole bandwidth? It's very cool that the speedy drivers are in progress, for my application it would be even more convenient to use the same microUSB which is used for the programming (I need serial port only, but 12 Mbits in my Teensy 3.6 is too slow) instead of setting the USBHost_t36 up.

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    Hi all,
    I am also hoping to do some multi-channel audio with the new Teensy4.0; but I just stumbled on some text in the reference manual that has me wondering if the new processor's SAI ports will actually support what I want to do (~8in ~8out simultaneously)...

    For Teensy 3.6, referring to, section 61.2.1...
    ... Each SAI data line may support 1-32 audio channels...
    For Teensy 4.0, referring to, section 36.1.1 (top of pg 2067)...
    ... SAI-1 is used for multi-channel audio interface, which supports up to 8-channels audio in or out...

    So, I hope that doesn't mean that the 1060 won't do a lot of channels.
    Anyone thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by edsut View Post
    So, I hope that doesn't mean that the 1060 won't do a lot of channels.
    Please don't spread your same question over multiple threads.

    Original is here:

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