I have a newbie question, please feel free to point me to existing resources. I have been googling for a while and not found what I was looking for.

I have been building a couple synths. I end up with a teensy board using the double header with an audio shield which leaves male pins for the hook up. This is great for the breadbox but when it comes to a more permanent build, where I still want to be able to swap out the teensy unit, what is the best way to hook up to these male pins? What I have done so far is cut up ribbon with a female header and connect the ribbon wires to my hook up wires by wrapping the bare metal together, dropping some solder on it, and covering it with heat shrink tubing. Also (thanks to my marginal soldering skills and sub par equipment) it is hard to get a tight fit of the female headers on to the board because of the occasional solder glob. I have had them come apart in the instrument before so now I also wrap them up with zip ties. Its all pretty janky and it takes me an hour or so to hook up one board.

Anyways what is the 'right' way to do a semi-permanent connection between hookup wires and male pins on the boards? Is there such thing as female header blanks that I can crimp my hookup wire into? Does it take special tools? is the strip / wrap / solder / heat-shrink the best way to connect 22 gauge hookup wire to the premanufactured ribbon wires?