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Thread: converting .sf2 soundfonts to audio library-compatible files

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    converting .sf2 soundfonts to audio library-compatible files

    I found on Paul's github, but I can not seem to get it to output anything. It reads an .sf2 file just fine and parses all the sample sets, but fails when I try to output anything:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "../", line 519, in <module>
    File "../", line 230, in main
    decode_selected(path, instrument, selected_bags, global_bag_index)
    TypeError: decode_selected() missing 1 required positional argument: 'user_dir'
    Alexs-MacBook-Pro-156:gm_1.471 alex$ python3 ../ -i gm.sf2 -o /Users/alex/Downloads/gm_1.471/converted/test.out

    Anyone know why this is? It has no trouble with using the current working dir for the input, and I provide the full path to the output. The output path is writeable.

    I'd love to add some more sounds to my synth project.

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    There's a GUI in there that you probably want to run rather than the actual script.

    First you'll need to install sf2utils though. If you have pip on your system you'd do "pip install sf2utils" or "pip3 install sf2utils".

    Then you can run the GUI with "python" or "python3"

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    I was able to do it using sox and hexdump but with adventure kidís single-cycle wav files vs a soundfont.

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