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Thread: Getting Started with Audio for T4

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    Getting Started with Audio for T4

    Hi, I am connecting a T4 to a Xilinx S7 FPGA by the T4's I2S link (DOUT2, LRCLK2, BCLK2, DIN2), so I2S link 2.
    I don't have any audio shield, so cannot work directly from the examples given.

    I want to use it in the same way like Serial.Print() and Serial.Read() as employed for the UART signals.
    And I want to base it as the main interrupt point to my main loop(0 routine, example

    void loop() {

    if (I2S.available() > 0) {



    How to proceed, any tips are very welcome.

    PS - for the FPGA I don't require help for that since that is my bread and butter.
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