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Thread: Teensy 4.0 and ports

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    Teensy 4.0 and ports

    Let's get these ports enabled please so I can finish this project with the new Teensy

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    Sorry, I may be missing something obvious, but what do you mean by get these ports enabled? Which Ports?

    IO ports? Porting of software?

    Again sorry if I am missing the obvious.

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    Only the serial is available while 3.2 has midi and orhers. I believe this is IO.

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    If this is in reference to IDE / Tools / "USB Type:" that is PJRC work in progress.

    Teensy 4 went from 12 Mbps USB to 480 Mbps with new hardware for USB within Teensy and the proven ability for Teensy to overwhelm a client PC development USB system - even when running at only the current 7X speed of T_3.2. That can double at least once if not twice more so development is stepwise to maintain stability and minimize rework on PJRC schedule.

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    Confused as well. The sketch shows that all its using Serial, Serial1 and Serial2 and USB MIDI.

    I think you are talking about USB MIDI not being available? If you look through other posts on USB Midi for the T4 you will see that PRJC is working on USB Midi as well as other USB drivers operational. Have no time frame.

    Now with that said you know that the T4 is not drop in compatible for the T3.3 so if you are planning to use the PCB that is shown in the instructable you will not be able to.

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    Yes that's exactly where it is. Thank you for the information. I ordered another board but it's a pain to unsolder this 4.0 board put in a 3.2

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    That is good to know I quickly look through the pinout and I thought it was the same. I've ordered a 3.2 and I'm looking forward to trying to unsolder these 24 pins 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    Unsoldering is way down the list of FUN things

    Nice when at least the pins can be cut free to be moved one by one. I got a $15 powered solder sucker that has a heated IRON round tip. MichealM suggested it some time back and I've used it a couple of times. At least the T4 edge pins have bigger clearance than some pins on some unit pins close to other PCB parts.

    The Teensy 4 will be a good upgrade - but it is a complex beast and unlike other T_3's where the USB stack migrated more easily, the T4 has wonderfully faster but wholly different function for Paul to deal with. And as @mjs513 points out some of the MCU pin functions don't share the same pins in the same way. The actual MCU has a ton (50+?) more pins so the functional distribution made mapping first step core functions show a loss for what were shared ALT functions on the same pin.

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    Thank you!!

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    Good luck

    BTW - that 10.5" Long Vacuum Desoldering Pump with 30W Heater is only $9 ::

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