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Thread: Teensy3 String Machine

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    Teensy3 String Machine

    It's working good enough to share so here it is:

    This is a 32-voice 'string machine' meant for the teensy 3.6 and the blackaddr audio interface. It depends on the Teensy Audio Ensemble Chorus library found here:

    I think it sounds pretty nice. 32 voices is enough for long release settings without audible note stealing. CPU utilization is about 30% on a Teensy 3.6, so it will probably run on a lesser Teensy 3.

    The ensemble and phaser are fixed, as for me the represent the sweet-spots of their setting for what I want. You can control the dry/wet mix of the phaser. If there's a big call for it, I'll make them configurable.

    Check the on github for more info.

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    Hi, there is a video/audio sample of this string machine?

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    No but Iíll make one.

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    demo video

    Here it is:

    Audio is just through the phone mic, as at the moment I don't have a convenient stereo-in capture setup. The ensemble effect is stereo and would sound a lot better as such. Everything you hear is from the synth code, including the phaser. I tried to include some long release settings to demonstrate the 32-voice poly. Unfortunately you can hear that the envelope function is linear; release tails end abruptly and sound rather unnatural. Exponential curves would be much better.

    My Macbook dev environment is unfortunately broken at the moment thanks to upgrading to Catalina.

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