I'm looking for a SIMPLE SDR sketch! You have to crawl before you can walk, so I've attempted to use VE3MKC's version 1 SDR, with no success. I was trying to compile using Arduino 1.8.9 with no luck. Then my friend said I should try the older Arduino version since the sketch was written back in 2015, so he kindly sent me 1.6.3 and the matching teensyduino file. Neither Arduino version will compile. I only get a cryptic message "multiple copies found for SD.h". Removing the offending SD.h file doesn't help either.

I just want a simple SDR: Teensy 3.2, Teensy audio board, TFT display (ST7735S), Si5351, and an encoder. I don't need to record, keep time, or transmit.... This isn't rocket science, is it? Does anyone have such a sketch or .HEX file I can play with?