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Thread: Hints on getting a Teensy 4.0 set up as USB Host controller

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    Hints on getting a Teensy 4.0 set up as USB Host controller

    I'm looking to use the Teensy 4.0 as a USB host controller. On the hardware side, it looks like there is a breakout board, or at the very least, need to solder pins to D and D+ for wiring.
    On the software side, I found one forum post:

    But wonder if this is the right direction, or if there are better libraries to use a generic USB Host.

    I'm trying to use the Teensy to control this:

    Any insights are appreciated

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    Since that signal generator needs so much power you’ll have to have a way to power it that’s not from the Teensy such as a powered USB hub. Since it won’t be powered from the Teensy itself you can safely solder wires to D-, D+, and Ground to a usb cable that runs to the powered hub without any external current limiting circuitry.

    That being said the the USBHost_t36 library is used for the t4.0 as well and is installed with Teensyduino. Now you will most likely have to reverse engineer the driver for that signal generator and make your own that’s compatible with the host library because unless it’s using a class compliant driver such as serial it won’t be supported already.

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    SCPI over USB is covered by the USB Test and Measurement Class (TMC). I do not think the Teensy USB host supports this. There is a USBTMC driver for the old MAX3421 USB host chip which can be connected to a Teensy 3. Not sure if it works on Teensy 4.

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