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Finally, off the bench. My 5 - pedal Midi controller/ interface.

First Arduino project, originally built using a Mega and four pedals salvaged from scrapped Electronic Organs. One pedal mechanism had a very worn out non-replaceable pot so I replaced it with the works out of an old Waa Waa pedal.The other three pedals are optical and used LDR's and 3W 24 volt incandescent globes. The globes were replaced with Ultra bright yellow leds.I'd originally based the code on Notes and Volts MidiController V 1.2 and was using Din Midi.

Looking at Teensy's USB - Midi features, I did a trial using a T_3.2 and a couple of pots and after not too much head-scratching, got it functioning as a USB - Midi controller/ interface and hooked it up between my computer and two different Roland synths.

Targeted Synths did not fall over with editors, nor throwing sysex at them via usb from a BCR-2000 or whatever. Hmmm.. Time for an upgrade.

Triggered by the arrival of another optical pedal recently, I decided to replace the Mega with a Teensy LC and now here is my first Teensy project.

I ditched the Notes and Volts based code and started afresh with Teensy's Many_button_Knobs example and have it working, connected via a USB hub into the Host port of an iConnectivity MIO-10 interface.

Totally love Teensy's responsiveAnalogRead! No extraneous Midi chatter, or at least until I turn up the volume. Two of the pedals have mechanical Damping issues..