Hi trying to get ready some hardware to interface with Teensy 3.6 and play small wayforms at 96/192KHz sampling as some may cover up to 40 or even 80KHz audio! for animal research applications. Bitwise not as important, 16 bit ok, even I can survive with 12.

I know the teensy audio lib is focussed in 44.1KHz. but I was wondering if somebody experimented with the port from I2S teensyduino or other library that could achieve a simple audio play from a small buffer at 96 or 192KHz. Even direct teensy DAC may work if fast enough.

Hardware wise, I was thinking to use some popular codec DAC that allow me to set in slave or master mode (whatever ends being easier), some like t AK4558 or similar.

Any suggestions of what may be the path of less resistance?

Thank you,