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Thread: Future Teensy features & pinout

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrM View Post
    I can see an embedded application with high level graphics, the firestick for example.
    If I'm honest, I only want to abuse the GPU. A far away friend has a robot with NXP chips which have a GPU (RT595, might be wrong). He offloads his limb movement planning when there is high obstacle density (hard planning problem). His robot can "sense" attacks and dodge automatically. I am jealous. He said it wasn't possible to exploit the 1062 in the T4 like the other chips with dedicated 2D vector acceleration. So I never bothered to try or investigate.
    Quote Originally Posted by DrM View Post
    But at what point should we just get a pc?
    Yeah, we simply don't have the weight, power, or monetary luxury for anything more than small cheapish microcontrollers. Our fighting robots are knee to thigh tall RoboOne like bipedal humanoid robots, they have various requirements, cost, weight, power, low pit-time (limbs and parts need to hot-swap-able), ect.

    I also desire to see what a GPU would do to the current graphics libraries like TGX and T-COMPUTER. It would be cool to see a Windows 3.1/DOS emulator like the ESP32 FabGL project.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrM View Post
    If only it had a DAC...
    All 1170's have a 12bit DAC! So that's exciting for the future. After making 6 projects with the T4.1, I too wished for a DAC on the T4.

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    It would be cool to see a Windows 3.1/DOS emulator like the ESP32 FabGL project.
    How about this.

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    Sigh... well it was great for a moment, the T4 has a 12 bit ADC. And it turns out, on quick perusa, it seems that \all of NXP's M7 line have 12 bit ADCs, though some do also have DAC(s). So it seems so far, that the choice is the slower 16 bit ADC and 12Mb/s USB, or accept the 12bit ADC to get the 480Mb/s USB and of course the 1 usec/12 bit for the T4 ADC compared to the 2.5usec/12 bit for the T3 ADC.

    I am working a product development effort where the customer insists on 16bit ADC for "marketing". Sigh.. again.

    For my own instrumentation work, I sometimes really do need 16 bit ADC and a >/= 12bit DAC. The slower ADC and USB for the Teensy 3 have been limiting in what experiments I can do with it.

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