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Thread: Future Teensy features & pinout

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    I had signed up with NXP in order to get the 1062 datasheet before Paul made it available on PJRC.COM. I just got mail that NXP's buyout of Marvell is nearly complete (evidently it will be complete on December 6th). Now, this was originally announced in May, but I didn't see it then.

    I'm sure Paul can't comment at the moment due to NDAs and such, but I can imagine some Teensy users would like it if there was a variant of the 1170 that included wifi and bluetooth that Marvell might provide.

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    this board has a great layout as a development board - you could get lots of new users involved in Teensy if we had something like this image for larger version. 

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    I think NXP has benchmarks using different types QSPI, HyperRAM, HyperFlash for code and data. For code, I think it would be better to use HyperFlash over QSPI, with a 1Ghz processor, the more bandwidth the better. Yes, there is ITCM and internal RAM, but why waste the RAM when HyperFlash is about 2.5x faster?

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