I am having problems setting up a Teensy 4.0 with an audio shield
to use the GUI software.
This is what I have done in sequence:

1. Downloaded the zip file for Arduino 1.8.10 - archived it
2. Unzipped it and copy all of its contents intoan empty folder
c:/Arduino 1.8.10/
3. Dowwnloaded

4. Executed the windows Teensyduino installer
selecting the path c:/Arduino 1.8.10/
and installed only the Audio library.

I can run my own C
code on the Teensy 4 do my own FFTs and receive
the results on the serial monitor.

5. Installed the Audio shield board
(n.b. Rev B - requiring the 100ohm resistor)
Connected the audio board according to the instructions :

"Teensy 4.0 has its digital audio signals (MCLK, BCLK, LRCLK, TX, RX) in different locations.
On Teensy 3.x, these are pins 11, 9, 23, 22, 13.
On Teensy 4.0, those signals are pins 23, 21, 20, 7, 8.
This audio shield will only work if wires are used to route those 5 signals.
It does not work if soldered directly above or below a Teensy 4.0."

n.b. I was unsure about the p.s. to the audio board from the Teensy
so I connected Ground and 3V only (not 5V)

6. Executed www.prc.com/teensy/gui and transferred the code for a passthrough
(and the correct object for the audio chip) into a sketch.
Sketch compiles and downloads but nothing out of the headphones when
audio signal injected.

No output !

I have a few questions and would be extremely pleased if you would answer them :

A. Have i used the wrong revision of the audio board ?
B. Is an Audio board available which will plug into a Teensy directly ?
C. Are Teensy 4 and Audio boards available with legs ?
D. Should I also connect the 5V from the Teensy to the Audio board ?
E. Lastly is it possible to view the expansion of the output of the GUI
system for the sketch as C code.

Thank You, Brian Fish (UK) bynarybrian@gmail.com