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Thread: Compatible SD card connector for Teensy 4.0?

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    Compatible SD card connector for Teensy 4.0?

    Hi all, I have a Teensy 4 that I'd love to solder an SD card connector to. I purchased one on Mouser that I thought would work (pin pitch 1mm), but that doesn't actually seem to be the correct pitch for the pins on this board. Does anyone know of a connector that is readily hand solderable that I could attach to my board? Thanks!

    also, sorry if this isn't a "project", but I figured it would be useful information for others who might want to do the same!

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    The pin pads on the bottom are discussed in the T4_BETA thread - seems they are 1mm to match a standard ribbon cable and connector.

    The area is too cramped and close to the USBHost pins so it was not designed to directly mount an SD card connector. A compatible adapter was not found so the spacing was set to use a cable mount to pull those pins off to a remote board carrying the SD connector.

    There is a shared OSHPark project with the BOM and hardware list as used on the PJRC Beta T4 boards.

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