Working on a synth, when I had the laser cutter do all of my switch cut outs I also had them make a little logo. I sometimes book shows as 'Blue Camoose' so I wanted to have a camel/moose hybrid shape with a blue light behind it. It turned out well (see pic). Less then 1" wide.
Im curious if you guys have any advice on how I could make a blue LED light up behind it but have it be more of a diffused glow instead of a point source. I have thought about putting a couple LEDs inside the chassis and gluing a little chunk of acrylic with some privacy glass covering (like what you would use on a shower window). I prototyped it and it was pretty cheesy, like a blue LED behind a shower curtain.

I also had an idea of casting a little square slightly bigger then the logo with a few 3mm blue LEDs embedded in clear polymer or even hot glue gun glue. but im not sure if that would break the lights or if there is a way I can do that without eating up a bunch of PWM pins (my LEDS are 3-3.2 volts). One light is plenty bright

Any ideas out there for lighting up glowy container cutouts?

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