I've endeavoured to search the forum but couldn't find a direct answer to this.

Is there any reason why the Teensy audio library wouldn't work with the UDA1334A I2S decoder? I'm thinking specifically the Adafruit I2S Stereo Decoder UDA1334A breakout board, which I've used successfully with an RPi. Unlike the SGTL5000, this board doesn't require an MCLK input as I believe it generates it's own MCLK from BCLK.

If I adopt the following pin connections, is that going to cause any problems with a Teensy 4 or any of the audio library tutorials (I appreciate I'll have to replace any functionality which references the SGTL5000 control object)?

UDA1334A pin connections:

VIN - 3.3V - 5V
DIN - OUT1A on Teensy 4 (pin 7)
WSEL - LRCLK1 on Teensy 4 (pin 20)
BCLK - BCLK1 on Teensy 4 (pin 21)
MCLK1 on Teensy 4 (pin 23) can be left disconnected

Many thanks.