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Thread: ili9341_t3 TFT library use

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    ili9341_t3 TFT library use


    I have a teensy3.6 working with.. and using the ili9341_t3 TFT library.
    It's very good but cannot find much details on how best to implement the TFT commands.
    For instance, when printing text and wanting to overwrite, what's best method?

    Any feedback gratefully received.

    Regards, Rob

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    Hi Rob,

    Yes the documentation is never on the top of the list of any good programmers. They just make things awesome and superfast.

    For speed, the text is drawn without touching the background, just printing on top of what was there before.
    The only thing I have found workable, is to figure out the rectangle of your text and paint it with the background color before printing the new next.
    Erasing the whole screen looks ugly.

    Let me know if you find a better way.

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