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Thread: Audio shield flash memory (SOIC-8)

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    Question Audio shield flash memory (SOIC-8)

    I was thinking of tricking out my Teensy 4.0, and adding flash memory to the audio shield. I also would be adding standalone flash if I'm not using the shield.

    In the past, I would use the prop shield when I wanted flash memory, but with the Teensy 4.0 not having DACs and the prop shield colliding with the Teensy 4.0 I2S pins, it is less desirable to use the prop shield.

    Before ordering, I wanted to make sure I was ordering the right part. I'm not as familiar with the surface mount sizes. I believe what the audio shield uses is SOIC-8. Is this correct?

    From the audio shield page at PJRC, it looks like this would be compatible with the version B/C/D audio shields. Is this correct?

    And to bring out flash without the audio shield, I was thinking about using this SOIC-8 to DIP PCB. Would this work?

    Of course with the T4, another option is to use the micro SD card pins under the T4. I wonder if there is something that has a FFC 8-pin cable on one end, and a SOIC-8 mounting area on the other in the correct pinout. Or perhaps micro SD card to SOIC-8.

    This of course assumes, I can convince myself to do such small soldering. :-)

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    These are the one DigiKey sent me that I have on hand:
    > It is no longer in stock.

    I just soldered one on the T4's RevD board I just got and it worked. Not sure if that is exact match to one linked on PJRC Audio page?

    The one linked in OP seems similar - just faster and in stock.

    Looking at the one I got it has your parts listed at the page bottom and also this one

    They all seem similar NOR FLASH - just the current stock is capable of higher speeds

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    I was just looking for something similar. But I was considering using a SOIC-16 breakout with a bigger chip with more memory.

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