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Thread: Teensy 4 usbMIDI ? any plans ?

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    Teensy 4 usbMIDI ? any plans ?

    I've recently started a synth/controller project on my T4 and it really rocks.
    The only downside: No MIDI over USB
    By now I am using some COM-MIDI software on the PC, but that does not really do the job, adding a hardware MIDI converter is equally bad, beacuse of latenciy.

    Are there any plans to add usbMIDI to T4?
    I see the there is a lot of activity trying to overclock and fry the T4, but honestly, this Teensy more importantly lacks usbMIDI.
    I've tried my best to program that from scratch, but I always hit some wall, it sometimes will not compile, creates overflows... because of interaction with things going on behind the scenes in the Teensyduino black box.

    What can I do?

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    All USB interfaces that are offered on other Teensy’s are going to be coming to the Teensy 4, Paul is working on a lot of software right now to bring it up to par with other Teensy’s. I’m not sure what the road map looks like, but there will eventually be support for usbMIDI and all the other types as well.

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