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Thread: Possible new shields

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    That is a good explicit ADD to the HiLow Kurt - maybe even run after each ENTER mode switch for fun?

    Seems on First power up I have seen some pins report like #8 - then it clears? Not sure if that is from other board features/connections?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjs513 View Post
    Thanks for the warning - I didn't see that post. You basically have to mount the Audio Shield upside down which kind of defeats the purpose of the shield or using a prop shield (since I would have to change axis orientation - argh).

    The Teensy footprint area is designed to simulate an actual Teensy, such that any existing boards that you would plug a teensy into (aka, audio shield) should work. However, it is flipped 180 degrees so that the audio jack is still facing outward. I could have made it so that the footprint was just rotated 180 degrees, but that would have necessitated a 4 layer board, which is a big jump up in cost. Pretty much all shields should work, as long as the pins are on the right side.

    @CWashburn, @defragster @KurtE

    I know that I had a devil of a time getting it lined up right on the pins. Sounds like the board may be rotated slightly to the right so that those 2 pins are touching slightly.

    What would have been nice is if there were 2 longer pins that would positively align the board with the other pins.

    When I placed the board down before I tightened the nuts all the way was to push down on it after I felt that the pins had caught then I did the tightening. But it was all just feeling when it was seated.
    I will look into that when I spin the Rev. C version. Originally, Rev. A had too much tolerance between the bracket PCB and the teensy, which caused inconsistent pin continuity, so I made the Rev. B bracket a little tighter (apparently too tight!). The next revision should the issue with some pins not making contact.

    To the people with microSD issues, I would make sure that the bolts/nuts are nice and tight. All of the force goes through the PCB stacks, so you don't have to worry about crushing the spring contacts. Not crazy tight, but more than finger tight should do. If that doesn't work, it could be that the gold plated fingers that touch the contacts on the Teensy don't have a solid connection. You might try gently bending them up so they form a better connection.

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    The flipping makes it odd to my eye for using items with connects to a prior Teensy - And not easy to catch on the board here with just end pins labelled {sugg:add silkscreen top and bottom}. I can imagine routing would be a nightmare with 28 pins criss-crossing.

    When my T4 was a bit more than finger tight all pins showed good continuity on last remounting - adding half turn showed connectivity with PinTest - but did not manage SDIO function. Need to unscrew and try re-seating - will see about bending them up slightly. When I looked by eye that one pin (was it #35? in prior post) did look a bit depressed - but looking with straight edge didn't show it to be out of line.

    Was wondering about a light solder tin to add mass to pad - maybe a softer connect surface for the gold contact - though would that be inclined to oxidize over time?
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