Hi all,

I am starting a project that involves creating a custom sized LED screen on the inside surface of a half sphere. I plan on using about 1000 WS2813 pixels and each row will have a different number of LEDs since the arc length changes on each row.

I was planning on using a Teensy to control the LEDs and ended up buying a couple 4.0s. After researching further Iím wondering if I made the right decision on buying 4.0 since it is relatively new. I was hoping to output to all the LEDs in series, but I know that is kind of pushing it and I might have a low refresh rate. The alternative of output to different rows in parallel sounds good, but I didnít know how much it would complicate setting up software like jinx.

Can anyone offer a suggestion if I should continue trying to use the 4.0 or switch to a version that has been out longer? Or if I use the 4.0 how difficult is it to setup the parallel outputs using a program like Jinx?