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Thread: direct pin access

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    direct pin access

    I want to toggle directly the LED pin (pin 13) without using any library routines or any predifined constants. Has someone an example? Is it right that the pin13-toggle is on port 401B8000+4000+8C on the Teensy 40 and is bit 3 ? But the following code does not work

    void loop() {
      gpio_adr1=0x401b8000+0x4000+0x8c ;
      *gpio_adr1=0x8 ;
      delay(250) ; 
       gpio_adr1=0x401b8000+0x4000+0x8c ;
      *gpio_adr1=0x0 ;
      delay(250) ; 

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    perhaps read this post for reference - port-and-toggle-question-T4

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