First, many thanks to PJRC for developing Teensy, I'v been looking to build a real-time video LED display for a long time and I was happy to finally came across teensy!

So, here's my build :

Teensy 3.6 mounted on OctoWS2811 adapter
8 outputs used to 8 strips of 14 WS2812B leds (8x14 matrix) : I'm starting small just to give it a try

the VideoDisplay code is loaded on my Teensy and the movie2serial processing program running on my computer runs smoothly but..

The video that I'm sending is trimmed from the top left corner and I'm guessing that the reason is I have to few leds.

Is there any any way to make sure the video displayed isn't trimmed out or is there a way to calculate the exact resolution for the video depending on the matrix ratio?

Many thanks !