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Thread: Using teensy audio library with SAMD processors?

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    Using teensy audio library with SAMD processors?

    I bought a Teensy audio board hoping to use it with an Adafruit SAMD board (I now also have a T4). Is the library compatible with any Arm Cortex M0+, M4, or M7 processor having an I2S interface to use this codec board?

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    I guess that nobody tried it out up to now. Thus, it is like it‘s your turn to do so and report back here

    But be warned, the port might not be trivial since the audio stream object is not in the audio lib but in the Teensyduino core.

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    Adafruit has their own port of the Teensy Audio Library for such purposes:

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    Using teensy audio library with SAMD processors

    Hey guys, I have been using the on board sound that came with my Gigabyte board. I get popping sounds and its just not clean sounding.
    Any suggestions?

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