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Thread: Teensy 4.0 (3.x) using esp32 wifi

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    Teensy 4.0 (3.x) using esp32 wifi

    Hi All,
    Im new to Teensy and just got some 4.0 boards and have been looking for guide/examples/code on how to use the esp32 wifi on Teensy 4.0, but have not been abel to find it.

    Have been working with the esp32 since it was born (Arduino Ide) - so Im abel to code both Teensy and esp32 - but wold love to have them integrated.

    So hope someone have the rigth links to make this happen ??

    Thx in advance for your support.

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    What are looking to do with the combination?

    I've built an ESP32 add-on to my Teensy 4 breakout board and have successfully gotten firmware updates to the ESP32 to work passing through the Teensy.

    I'm hoping to provide basic network capability (HTTP server as well as client, NTP, etc...) as well as Bluetooth LE services to the Teensy, but haven't decided on how to split up the functionality. Would be happy to share ideas...

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