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Thread: mk20dx256vlh7 Equivalent of a Programming Manual?

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    mk20dx256vlh7 Equivalent of a Programming Manual?

    I come from the world of ST programming and am using Teensy 3.1 for the first time. I am used to a model where I have a Reference Manual and a Programming Manual. The Reference Manual is a general overview of device abilities and the Programming Manual is how to actually accomplish different actions.

    For the Teensy 3.1's mk20dx256vlh7 processor I have found the reference manual. Is there an equivalent Programming Manual where I can review all the available registers and which values to write to achieve results?

    I was able to determine why this reset code works:

    #define RESTART_APP ((*(volatile uint32_t *)0xE000ED0C) = (0x5FA0004))
    by finding information on this ARM website ARM Infocenter

    But I don't think I would have found it without already having the register address to look-up. Is this site the best that we have for the mk20dx256vlh7 chip?

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    NXP's reference manual is what you're calling "Programming Manual". It covers all the peripheral hardware NXP provides (serial ports, USB, timers, etc), but it has only a few pages summary of the ARM core. Their "Datasheet" has the summary of features and all the electrical specs.

    For the registers within the ARM core, there are 2 places. The difficult but free info is ARM architecture reference. The much better (but not free) source is Joseph Yiu's "Definitive Guide..." book, which is linked from that page with all the documents.

    The reality is the chip's hardware comes from 2 different companies, so there simply is not a single document which gives an explanation of all the hardware registers. If you really want documentation on all the registers, you need to get it from both companies.

    You can also find the list of all registers in kinetis.h, but it's only the defines for the compiler without documentation.

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