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It's too late to consider a different flash chip for Teensy 4.1. Winbond W25Q64JV is already designed in and parts have been ordered.

But maybe a different flash chip would make sense for the next Teensy (after 4.1) with the 1170 chip?
Too bad we got to you too late...
Try it out for new designs, you will not be disappointed by the performance.
There are several different starter kits available as well if you want to try this out on the lab bench.

[...] Does Adesto have any octal SPI RAM chips?
I wish we did, they would complement our EcoXiP product line very well.

There are actually very few companies in the world who make DRAMs, and even fewer of these bother to make small devices. (PSRAMs are all built on DRAM technology, you do not want to pay for an SRAM that big.)

The one company I am aware of that build devices that can be an alternative to the Cypress/ISSI Hyperflash is AP Memory.

If you do a google search for "octal PSRAM", "xSPI RAM" or "XCCELA RAM" you will find some other suppliers, but in most cases I believe these are the same devices as the ones listed above. Just shop around to find who will give you the lowest price for the quantity you need.