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Thread: Operating and storage temp of Teensy3.5 ?

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    Operating and storage temp of Teensy3.5 ?

    Hello guys
    I am new to this board. It's my first post.
    I am a fabmanager in a fablab near Paris.
    I just want to know the operating temp of the Teensy3.5 board.
    I want to use it to make a ADIS16475 MMU recorder.
    I search on the forum but i don't find the answer. I don't find the BOM on the website.
    I find the schematic and datasheets of all major components.
    CPU -40 +105C and it is very good cause i want to work between -40 to +85C but for 16MHz crystal there is no indication.
    What is the reference of this one please ?

    A subsidiary question:
    Do you think that an sd card could resist to this temp ?

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    I believe Digi-Key has some SD Flash cards rated for industrial use (-40 to 85c). Slightly more expensive than others, but available.

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    Thanks for your reply grease_lighting. I also find one @Radiospares and normally I receive them today.
    If it can be useful for someone else this is the RS ref : 126-4363 RS des. SD Kingston MicroSDHC 8 Go MLC Class 10 and manufacturer SDCIT/8GB from Kington.

    No one knows the 16MHz crystal reference ?

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