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Thread: Teensy and gigabit ethernet

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    Teensy and gigabit ethernet

    I have a camera (Z-Cam E2) with a Gb ethernet port that is used for streaming video but also camera control. The camera is a web server, so to make changes to it you send it rest commands.

    Tangential to this I'd like to create a small control system that uses the same ethernet connection in a passthru mode so that I can listen for web requests without interfering in any way with the camera's communication.

    Question 1: can I simply create a hard-wired dual RJ connection (basically a hardwired tap) such that I can plug the incoming net cable into my board and have it pass directly out of the board via another RJ that then connects to the camera while at the same time being able to listen to the network traffic?

    Question 2 is is there a Teensy compatible Gb capable ethernet device that I can use to do the listening? I'm not interested in the traffic going into and out of the camera, I just want to siphon off a few commands that are not camera related. My assumption is that the camera will just flush these commands.

    I realize this is a bit out of the bounds of standard Teensy support, but appreciate any guidance you can provide.

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    No, there is currently no Teensy supporting gigabit ethernet.

    Such a board is being discussed, but that's very early planning. It's unlikely to be available for sale until late 2020 or early 2021.

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