I am wondering if anyone has run into any wiring/speed/interference issues combining the following two items:

- Teensy 3.5 (with pins)
- HX8357 TFT Feather

I have about 5 of each of the above components, and using the normal GraphicsTest example source code for the Teensy version of the HX8357 library, and using SPI communications, and the below symptom(s) are pretty consistent across the multiple setups I have created.

The problem is that 'sometimes', after applying power to an already programmed Teensy, the TFT just shows the white screen (powered backlight). Of course the 'sometimes' is the problem - once it works, I can turn on and off power without issue, as long as I don't physically adjust any of the wiring. But, if I move wires around (simply just moving the power lead from one rail of the breadboard to another, and in other cases, just simply physically moving the wires around without changing any connections at all), I seem to lose communications to the screen, until I get the wiring into a 'good orientation' again. I am not changing pin usage, just how I physically route the wiring between the Teensy and the TFT.

So, does this sound like some type of possible noise/interference/signal loss on the SCK line (which I presume may be susceptible to such things) when talking to the TFT over SPI? Or has anyone experience something similar with these TFT displays and the Teensy?

Since the TFT from AdaFruit is the Feather model, might getting a feather adapter for the Teensy directly to the TFT avoid the issue (by removing wiring on the SPI lines)?

Side note: would anyone with experience in this be interested in some consulting work? I am especially interested if someone may have soldering skills as well. (I hope this is not an inappropriate use of this forum, and will remove this post if so).