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Thread: Coding Assistance Needed with Teensy 3.5

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    Coding Assistance Needed with Teensy 3.5

    Hello All,

    I am in need of coding assistance for a fairly simple usb midi controller using a Teensy 3.5. I know nothing about coding, so I would appreciate any help I can get. Please take a look at the attachment and help me out if possible. I built a pcb board to connect all my components, but have no idea where to start with the coding. Thank you in advance!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    To get started, install Arduino & Teensyduino, if you haven't already.

    Then in Arduino first select Teensy 3.5 in Tools > Boards. This is important, because the other menus update depending on which board is selected.

    Click Tools > USB Type and set it to MIDI.

    Click File > Examples > Teensy > USB_MIDI > Buttons. This will open a new window with example code.

    Click Upload in that window. After the code uploads and Teensy reboots (the small Teensy Loader window will show you), your PC should have a new MIDI device!

    Then connect a button or just use a piece of wire or paperclip between GND and pin 0. This will cause Teensy to send Note on/off messages. Even if you want something else like CC messages, do this first to make sure everything is really working. Then look through the code to see if you can understand how it works.

    After all that, your plan looks ok except pins A21 and A22 can't be used for digital input. Connect that encoder to any of the other unused digital pins (24 to 31).

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    Btw, I am using these rotary encoders...
    uxcell 360 Degree Rotary Encoder Code Switch Digital Potentiometer EC16 5 Pins 20 Digits D-Shaft
    Don't they need to be connected to analog inputs?

    Also, ss it alright that I connect them to the Vin and not 3V?

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