Hi everyone,

I recently asked about the Teensy 3.2 Host Mode and as it turned out to be infeasible, general suggestion was to use the Teensy 3.6 or Teensy 4.0 (https://forum.pjrc.com/threads/58005...library-status). After finding a way to actually get a Teensy 4.0 within a reasonable time and trying to research a bit more about the Teensy 4.0, I did not find anything about the usage of the host mode and no library support or documentation. So I'm asking the same question as with the Teensy 3.2 for the Teensy 4.0. Are there any successful projects for USB host mode or any reasonably stable library for the Teensy 4.0? I would really like to use a Teensy for my project for many different reasons, but the USB implementation is not my main focus and I cannot spend too much time on this. I just need something that works without too many hiccups and within around 10-20 hours with a medium skill level from my part.

If the answer is not a rather clear yes, I will probably have to skip USB functionality entirely which would suck.

Also would I need the USB Host Cable and what is so special about this cable? What does it do?

Thanks in advance,