I'm trying to understand the impulse responses in order to use them, but it doesn't come easy .

All the impulse responses I've found are coming in a form of wav file (which sounds like a quick «phfshk»).
The audio library filter takes an array of coefficients. The initial key question: how to get the coefficients from that wav file?

Also, the way I understand the IR, it's a much more granular EQ. But then I've found an IR reverb wav file (which is quite large, by the way). I've seen a thread where @WMXZ was posting a link to the untested code which is supposed to do the thing. He was also asking for the wav files, I have this link: https://tonefiend.com/recording/roll...lse-responses/, it contains the files. I'm looking for the missing (missing in my head) pieces to connect these wav files with the actual sound. I've got Teensy 3.6 and Teensy 4.0. I suppose the second one should do a better job.

Could somebody explain the IRs in a more stupid/friendly terms than the Wikipedia does?