Hi All,

Still on the Halloween kick, looking for cool voice modulations.

I'd love to get something like this vocoder example (details below).

I have a couple of Dalek voices working, including this one from the PRJC site and from the forum.

I've found this C implementation (which generated the sample above) that I seems to be meant to be run offline. I'm wondering how feasible it would be to [re]-implement it in/using the Audio library. Seems like the inputs (mic for modulator, SD wav file for carrier) are taken care of, FFT's exist, "all" that's left is combining the inputs and an inverse FFT.

I still need to investigate these two:

I'm naive about audio and am certain that I'm glossing over a lot. Before I embark on trying to do something that Just Won't Work, I'd appreciate any ideas, feedback, and/or alternative ideas.