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Thread: Hooking up an ST7789 display with no CS pin

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    Hooking up an ST7789 display with no CS pin

    Hello Teensy people,

    So I've got a T4 board that I've nigh filled to the brim with things. Nearly every pin is accounted for and I want to squeeze a little display on there last. In the future I'll pick something with better documentation, because I'm currently wondering how to hook it up.

    It has pins GND/VCC, SCL, SDA, RES, DC and BLK. The lack of CS pin points to using the SPI_MODE3 option in the initializer. And there is some discussion about what minimal pins to use with the Adafruit variants, but I'm unsure what to do with this information as it doesn't seem to line up with what I have here.

    ST7789_t3 tft = ST7789_t3(TFT_CS, TFT_DC, TFT_RST); // this three pin connection seems incredibly useful, but I think it may not be possible
    This project (whilst not a teensy) has the same display, but SDA SCL pins etc. don't match with this very enticing CD/DC/RST setup. Are these simply different names for the same pins?

    Thank you kindly for any insights into pin mappings or optimal performance for these little displays.

    Paul's ST7789_t3 library for reference

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    You might look at this thread

    I believe we modified some of the examples with commented out possible setups for some of these displays without cs pins.

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