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Thread: Hitting some kind of limit on the Teensy 4.0

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    Hitting some kind of limit on the Teensy 4.0

    I'm trying to create a scripting environment running on the teensy 4.0 based on, and
    Basically it works but as i define more bindings i seem to hit some kind of limit that i don't understand and the Teensy 4.0 freezes without executing any code from my sketch. The code i'm talking about can be found here: but it's rather messy and huge. The problem arises when i add another (no matter how small) binding definition in The bindings seem to be correct, after checking them over and over again. when i compile them on my PC (x86_64) it works. I think i'm hitting some kind of limit that i don't understand.

    Attached you'll find the map file and the output of arm-none-eabi-size command for a case where the teensy freezes and one case where it just runs fine.

    Why is the teensy freezing right after upload?
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