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Thread: A quick question on the SD card.

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    A quick question on the SD card.

    Hi Everyone,

    I normally use Teensy 3.6 on my project (RunCPM at because of the on-board Micro SD card adapter, which makes my life easier, but the Teensy 4.0 doesn't have the same format, and I am not sure I want to deal with the .1 pitch connector/cable.
    So I was thinking: If I get a Rev D audio board, will it act the same as the on-board micro SD of the 3.6? Basically turning the Teensy 4.0 onto a small little computer with audio?

    If that's the case I will probably do it and start using the audio library for other (new) projects too.


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    Yes, you can do so.
    Only drawback is that AudioBoard SD card is SPI based and 1mm pich based sdCard (as on T4 and T3.6) is SDIO based.
    AS SPI has only a 1 bit dataport and SDIO has 4 bit dataport SDIO based cards can be 4 times faster.
    So depending on your application Audio SD card may all what you need.

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