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Thread: Direct read of ADC and transmit to DAC on Audio board

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    Direct read of ADC and transmit to DAC on Audio board

    I am trying to locate a dataset in the libraries which will give me access to a dataset containing the most recent 16 bit ADC sample from the audio board L &R line inputs. If there is a procedure which will deliver it then - ok. If not I will write my own. Likewise is there a procedure which will immediately write a 16 bit value to the L & R DACs.
    Can anyone help ?

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    The "queue" objects are meant to give you access to the raw audio data.

    These are a bit tricky to use. But then so is keeping up with the full audio rate data.

    The other option is adding your audio processing code into the library, so it runs as any other audio object would. Here's some documentation.

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