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Thread: T4 Audioboard LRCLK + BCLK alternative location

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    T4 Audioboard LRCLK + BCLK alternative location

    I'm moving an Audioboard project from T3.x to T4, using the new Audioboard (RevD).

    The project currently uses pin 20 & 21 as analog pins and all the other topside analog pins are in use also. Pins 20 & 21are now used for LRCLK1 and BCLK1 on the Audioboard Rev D.

    I notice on the Welcome to Teensy 4.0 pinout card there is LRCLK2 and BCLK2 on pins 3 & 4 - is it possible to set it up to use these pins freeing up 20 & 21 for analog use?

    Cheers, Paul

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    Yes, it is possible, but with a couple caveats.

    I2S2 isn't in the graphical design tool yet, so you'll need to edit the code to use I2S2 instead of I2S.

    MCLK2 is on pin 33 on the bottom side. Try to keep the wire short, since MCLK is a 11.3 MHz square wave.

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