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Thread: Writing Directly to DAC (pt8211)

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    Writing Directly to DAC (pt8211)

    Is there a way to write directly to the pt8211, utilizing the existing code from the audio library? I was thinking you could inherit the update function from output_PT8211.cp and write the buffers to that directly. Maybe there's some easier way to do it?

    For reference: I'm using the Teensy 4.0 with the pt8211 board. It's wired up with the pinouts referenced here:
    Both the beep and sine tests work.

    My project has two (1s length or so) circular sample buffers that need to interact in a specific way, it doesn't seem like you could necessarily implement them with the audio library's built in queue, it isn't big enough. Furthermore, I already have the code working how I like it as a juce project, so porting it would be easier if I could just write more or less directly to the DAC.

    Thanks for the help, let me know if more information is necessary.

    Update: I'm probably an idiot, I'll try to implement this with the built in queues.
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