We are starting to use more Teensy's in low volume commercial products, as the saving in development time outweighs the component savings of placing a conventional MCU on the board and creating firmware from scratch.

However we try to maximize the use of surface mount components as we have 2 large pick-and-place machines and vapor phase reflow equipment. The adding of the headers for the Teensy and soldering both sides top and bottom is very time wasting.

It would be good if the most commonly used Teensy's came in a castellated PCB pad option, so that the Teensy could be placed straight onto a PCB and re-flow soldered in place. I suspect the castellated pads could be added to the existing footprint so that the two existing outside rows of through holes could be retained, OR, as an alternate make the Teensy slightly narrower and sacrifice the through holes.

We use mostly Teensy 3.2 but I expect we will do more volume with the Teensy LC in the future.

Does anyone know if this has been considered ?