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Thread: Another Counting question

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    Another Counting question

    Hi All

    I'm trying to build a counter which counts pulses from a energy meter, I would like to count as fast as possible.
    I have tried a 3.5 and 3.6 found not much difference between the two. I have looked at the example video that Paul did, but the
    difference being I'm trying to use an Optocoupler (6N139)

    I have tried using both counting interupt's and the Freqcount.h library and haven't had much success in getting it to go really fast.

    Just throwing it out there if anyone has done anything similar using an opto

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    Senior Member PaulStoffregen's Avatar
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    How fast is "really fast"?

    More than ~100 kHz is tough even with the best optocouplers.

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    5MHz+ I was thinking that was the bottleneck. I need them because if I have three teensy connected VIA serial sharing a common supply they effect each other if they aren't isolated.
    So i put an Opto on the pulse circuit.

    Maybe i should try and put opto's on the serial circuit instead come to think of it.

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    5 MHz is much faster than you'll get a 6N139 to work. It's nowhere near that fast. You might get 1/10 of that speed, if you drive the LED at 12 mA and you use a 270 ohm pullup resistor on the output. But if you use a lower LED current or weaker pullup resistor, you can expect *much* slower speed.

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    I think i will try to find a way of leaving out the opto's and solving the interference issue between multiple teensys

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