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Thread: Head Tracker

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    Head Tracker

    I had been flying R/C for 50 years. About 10years ago a bicycle accident rendered me a quadreplegic. I have a small amount of movement in my arms and legs. I have normal function from my neck upwards.
    I built a DIY head tracker based on the arduino nano about 3 or 4 years ago. I was never very satisfied with it. In any event, the calibration software no longer behaves with the latest versions of Windows 10.
    BTW I am not strong enough to use a gaming joystick.

    I have a couple of Teensy 3.1's and a 3.5.
    I am familiar with the PulsePosition library and I have used it in a couple of projects.
    In searching for a new solution, today I came across the Inertial Head Tracker that use a Teensy (3.2 suggested) and a Teensy Prop shield. This project is intended to use a head tracker with a flight simulator.
    It seems to me that it may be fairly simple to use the PulsePosition library and send the PPM out into a R/C transmitter trainer input (similar to the DIY Nano variant).

    My questions
    1. Has anyone done this?
    2. If so, are there any road blocks or caveats?
    3. I assume the Teensy 3.1 will work similar to the 3.2?
    4. Any suggestions or improvements?

    Luckily I can still solder, but it does get a bit exciting sometimes.
    My coding is adequate (but not great).

    I am hoping this project will get me flying again, at least with basic functions of aileron, elevator and rudder (throttle will be a separate input)

    Thank you for your help.

    Inertial Head Tracker

    DIY Head Tracker

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    So I set this up with a teensy 3.1 and the PJRC prop shield. I tried the examples provided by PJRC and did the the calibration as required. In other words I am using all the example code, none that I have written myself.
    The output for roll and pitch are stable when the teensy and prop shield are motionless, but the yaw has a slight incremental rotation. No matter how many times I calibrate, the yaw will not stabilize to hold without gradually creeping. It seems that the mag is not stabilizing.
    Are there any solutions to this? I need it to stabilize relative to the earths magnetic field.

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