Hi All.

Iím thinking about interfacing Adafruitís MP3 CODEC Breakout to the I2S Input of T3.X boards and the Teensy Audio Library.

This breakout uses the VS1053B from VSLI Solution. Even though the datasheet doesnít come right out and say it, further searching revealed that this chip only supports 32Fs I2S. I know the Audio Library has been updated to 64Fs I2S. So, Iíll need to make custom versions of the I2S Input / Output classes. Itís ironic since a few years ago (when the Audio Library used 32Fs I2S) I needed to interface a 64Fs I2S Optical SPDIF-->I2S CODEC. So, I created custom 64Fs I2S Input / Output classes for that. Now I need to go the other way.

I have no problem creating custom Audio classes for my own use that will accomplish this. But, Iím wondering if thereís a better way that could be used by others who want to interface similar devices. Do the old 32Fs classes still exist ďhiddenĒ in the library? Would it be worthwhile to create classes that support either rate?

Just wondering what the most useful route would be before I jump in and start coding.